Sunday, 3 April 2016

Reading: The Red Notebook - Antoine Laurain

All I seem to talk about on here is books. Books. Books. Books.

When I was little I was an avid book worm. You'd find me on the spare bed, lying in the sunshine, devouring books. Whole novels over the weekend. I would barely move because I loved reading them  all. Roald Dahl. Judy Blume. Robin Klein. John Marsden. Duncan Ball. I just really loved them.

And I still do. 

So this year I set a goal for myself to read 16 books. That might not seem like a lot, but previously I would have probably been lucky to have read a book a year. 

If you befriend me on Goodreads, then you can follow along with what I'm reading and loving (and FYI - you can set yourself a reading challenge and track it! I'm 38% through mine - huzzah!).

I also joined a real-life book club. 

I was looking at ways to fill up my own buckets, I don't go out much - so I went to my local bookstore, found a book club and joined. And I flipping love it!

So anyway - book. 

'The Red Notebook' is translated from French and is a real beauty.

When I was told I would knock it over in two sittings - I inwardly scoffed. But at 159 pages, this little novella is a quick read that will keep you flipping the pages. 

Apparently the French love a handbag sized novel, and this is it. 

Set in Paris, bookseller Laurent finds an abandoned handbag on a street and is compelled to return it to its owner. So starts the story of the small red notebook - which contains no defining details, but some insights and thoughts from the owner. 

This is a charming book, full of whimsy. Fast-paced and quite lovely I really enjoyed it and would recommend as a light read. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Reading:: Eugenia - Mark Tedeschi QC

If you're looking for an uplifting read - this is not the book for you.

My long time readers will know that I have a fascination with the Sydney's history of crime from the early 1800s - 1950s. 

A friend recommended I read this. And I did. It was heavy, my goodness, it was bleak. 

But am I glad I read it? Yes. Of course. I got to put myself in someone else's shoes, and learn about the hardships of life in the late 1800s through to 1931. It was tough if you didn't have the support of your family. 

Without giving to much away - Eugenia is born into an Italian family, moves to NZ, and at a young age realises she identifies as a male. It's a book of heartbreak and hardship, lack of understanding and compassion, and gritty real-life sadness. 

While the first half of the book was loaded with interest for me, I did struggle when it came to the trial of Eugenia. I skipped parts because it was just too dense for me. 

I'd definitely recommend it though, it's a fascinating story, delicately written with meticulous attention to detail. 

PS - I joined a book club! 

Monday, 29 February 2016

Oscars 2016: A few more just for kicks

If anyone says anything about Hannah and Eddie - you are on the wrong blog. They can do no wrong.  FLAWLESS PARTY ANIMALS! I love them. But not in a creepy way.

That speech. 'nuff said. PS - Leo I still love you.

Mindy Kaling looks like a red carpet super hero. And I am so down for that. Plus that blue looks BEAUTIFUL. Babetown. Population: Mindy Kaling.

The new Jessica Rabbit?

Olivia Wilde looks like her boobies are in bandages. Albeit Valentino bandages. But the thing is flip her around and the back of that frock is STUNNING. Just shame the front execution wasn't so.

Oscars 2016: The Slapdash Recap

Charlize looks like her boobies are in a slingshot.

I feel a little disappointed. I am so not a fan of black on the red carpet, it feels very Victorian mourning. Yawn. 

Here's a good way to contradict myself. Julianne Moore looks superb. 

Do you remember when BP caused that huge oil slick? And all the birds and sea life died? Yeah. Me too. 

Someone. Make it stop. 

Margot Robbie and Tom Ford? Match made in glorious heaven. AYE CARUMBA! 

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive - like a new age mermaid, but so much better than a run of the mill Marchesa. 

WAAAAH!!! I feel like Saoirse is about to head to Vegas and place all her money on black. NO MORE BETS!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Thank Yous:Five Favourites

Every year after Christmas I like to write thank you notes. It's been something that my parents drummed into me from an early age, and while I really detested it when I was young, I've actually grown to really enjoy it. 

After all, sending someone a piece of snail mail that's not a bill, that's hand-written and loaded with thanks is a pretty great gesture. 

Stationery is one of my weak spots, so today I'm sharing five of my favourites to help you get pen to paper and post someone a quick hit of joy! 

SIRA Magenta Love Card - $5.95: Big loving the design of the graphic print, inspired by the architecture and landscape of Palm Springs, I love that punchy magenta hue (Tiny's current favourite colour!) that says - HEY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for being ace. 
Little Paper Lane Watercolour Stripes Letter set $14.95: Loving this sweet set (of 20) featuring a hand-painted design. I always like to imagine the person receiving the card - and I'd LOVE to receive a card on this set, and pin it on my pinboard. 

Rifle Paper Co. Boxed Assorted Card Set from Papier D'Amour $35: In my book, Rifle Paper can do no wrong. Anna Rifle is a freaking genius, and I just love anything she does. Who wouldn't be happy when one of these lands in their mailbox? 

Thank You Fruit Box Scratchie Card by TMOD $6.95: I love these TMOD cards, for all the fun and theatre of a scratchie! Plus the Carmen Miranda-esque design appeals to the extrovert in me, and screams summer!

Gold Button Postcards + Envelopes from Poppies for Grace x Bianca Cash $12.95: There's never been a cooler collaboration!! These gold foil beauties are destined for great things i.e.  straight to the pool room on my inspiration board. 

Thank you letters, a quick note to share your gratitude. Can we all make it a thing this year? 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Good Intentions:: 2016 (not a resolution)

I often have these inner conversations. When I'm hanging out the washing, tidying the kitchen, quietly stirring cake mixture for my children. Solo pursuits when my brain has time to rest and contemplate. 

Mainly these conversations (and they are self-conversations, rather than just thoughts) are what I am going to blog about. 

I have all these ideas, but by the time I get to sit in front of my computer - they've dissipated. And then I spend the next hour (or two) flirting around the internet, looking for distraction, news, or sometimes the meaning of life. 

I haven't hit a regular cadence with blogging over the last year for a number of reasons. 

Number one - I've been so busy. And it's not just the 'I'm too busy' palaver, it's genuinely head under water busy. Like I barely see my own family, let alone have time to sit down and bang out a blog post busy. 

Number two - I'm still on blogspot. Seriously. I started this blog way back in 2008. When Tiny had just been born. She's just turned eight, and therefore so is PMM, and while Tiny is off mastering all manner of pursuits, PMM is still on blogspot. Should I switch? Should I bother? Or I should I embrace this 'vintage' platform?

Regardless, it's been a stumbling block because while everyone else's blogs are beautiful, flawless representations of themselves, mine is old and creaky. 

But on to 2016. I'm not one for resolutions. 

Actually, secretly - I do make my own resolutions, I just don't like talking about them. I like to think of them as intentions. 

So 2016 for me is intended for self-care. This is the year I look after myself, and hit some kind of stride in terms of exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep and cutting out all the bollocks that's burdened me. 

Exercise: there is currently none of this happening, which makes me feel sad (and flabby) so I'm going to be kind to me and start moving more. Even if it's just 20 minutes a day. Something, somehow, every day. 

Eating well: I often think if you follow me on Pinterest you would believe that a) I have a really bloody awesome wardrobe; b) my home is impeccable and so Scandi-style it hurts; c) I work out regularly; d) I am eating salads all day every day. It's far from the truth. But instead of being completely unrealistic and being unkind to me, I'm just making a few rules. Non-negotiables. I'm going to start the year right by bringing my lunch to work. No more searching for the perfect lunch each day. No more making do when I can't find my dream salad. Nope. I am going to aim for three lunches brought from home per week. And no more 'I had a shitty day, so I am going to treat myself' because if I keep doing that I'm also going to be treating myself to lap band surgery. And yes to less boozing. It doesn't make me feel great. In fact it makes me feel sluggish, regretful and sad. I don't really need any help on any of those things, so for at least the first month of 2016 - no booze (remember when I did the three month, no alcohol and copped all that abuse, well bring it on haters). 

Paying my bills: On time. No explanation required. 

Less Tech: Embrace lo-fi. I find myself reaching for my phone first thing every morning, and I'm really starting to resent the control it holds over me. Instead of reaching for technology, I'll be seeking eye contact and creating meaningful relationships - in real life. 

So that's my 2016. My good intentions. 

What are yours? 

Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide:: Your Mama - 12 Gift Ideas

Holy toledo Batman, it's been a while since I've been inside my blog, tapping away at the keyboard. I haven't forgotten it, but life's gotten hectic. 

But you know you can ALWAYS count on me for a gift guide or two (or three, depends how excited I get!). 

So let's kick off this party with gifts I'd love. And maybe your mama, your sister or your bestie might like 'em too. 

1. Super Lush Drop Earrings by Each to Own $80: Hands down these are my favourite earrings - they're sparkly, jaw-droopingly great, and they're surprisingly light! Made in Brisbane by Kirsten Devitt, these are the must-have for the party of the year, Christmas. 

2. Traveller Tee by Obus $79: You and I, we can argue 'til the cows come home, but you can never have enough stripy tees. And this just looks like it's the tiggety boo. Relaxed cut in a sunshine-yellow, hard to beat those classic good looks. 

3. Nars Lip Gloss in Orgasm from Mecca Cosmetica $39: If anyone gives me a nude lipgloss, I could pretty much just marry them right then and there on the spot. I love me a gloss, and this is a great nude that's go anywhere, do anything. 

4. Tresko Clog from Elk Accessories $145: So I saved Santa some time and bought these already to pop in my stocking on Christmas morning. It's saving him some bag space, and I am all about being helpful. Right?

5. Gold Plate Irregular Band from Elk Accessories $55: I love stacking up my rings - not just for the look but the for the gentle jangle all day. I feel like a hip librarian, and the organic shape and matte finish of this bangle is extra appealing. 

6. Belgian Linen Pillowcase in Rose from west elm $49: If you know me well you'll know that there's no greater everyday luxury I love than fresh linen pillowcases. And I am majorly crushing over this soft blush hue. 

7. City of Shadows by Peter Doyle (bundle set - including my favourite book 'Crooks Like Us') from Sydney Living Museums $79: Peter Doyle was one of my lecturers at university, and I was always enthralled by what he spoke about. Ever since I've been hooked on his books. And this makes for pretty compelling reading. But not for bedtime. 

8. Dahlia Shower Cap in Pink Painterly Floral by Louvelle $40: The best! The most instant! The most stylish! This is - I promise you, I vouch from experience, the quickest way to add glamour to an outfit. I have one and I adore it. Old school glamour at it's best! 

9. Ruby Pilven X Radical Yes 'Yes!' Ring $40: I am mad about these cool ceramic rings. Sassy, shiny and super fun, I love them stacked or single. 

10. Brass Chef's Pepper Mill from Mr Kitly $86: These feel so good in hand. I know this because on our wedding anniversary breakfast at bills I picked it up, and besides being in love with my husband, I feel truly, madly deeply in love with it. I haven't stopped coveting it yet. 

11. Kanye Tote by Club of Odd Volumes $35: Oh man!! This is the best. If you're beloved has a sense of humour, give them this - and make Kanye carry your load. 

12. Marrackech Hat from Fabrik $88: Handmade in Marrakech and hand embellished in LA, these hats have spunk! Plus I can't go a summer without a new hat, and I rarely go outside without one, so this could be the one for 2015!

Need some gift ideas? Hit me up! I'll try my best to help you!