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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beauty Review:: Evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask

My hair gets exceptionally dry. I'm talking snap off and die. Knot to mention the knot factor. Blergh. Dry hair. Do care. 

So I tried this hair moisture mask. I've tried masks in the past and not been fussed by them. All those other moisture treatments have given me the feeling that they've moisturised my hair, but it hasn't been a long lasting feeling. 

Enter Evo

Evo is one of my all-time favourite hair products. I first started off with Easy Tiger - many, many years ago. It's super good. When I had shorter hair I really, really loved Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray - it gave me more texture. Then I graduated to Haze Powder (honestly if you want texture in your hair, and volume, this is the goods), Builder's Paradise got me through Frocktober and my menagerie of random hairstyles, I use Love Perpetua on Tiny's hair. It really helps to get the knots out. 

So you could say I am a bit of an Evo devotee. Or junkie. But there's no rehab available. So onwards I must go. 

But on with The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask. I used it. My hair instantly felt smoother. Softer. Better. And it smelt pretty rad too. Once it was dry, my hair felt moisturised and easier to work with (less knots, less snapping, more awesome). It also gave my hair a bit of extra shine which I am a huge fan of! 

Sulphate and paraben free scores highly on my report card too - the less nasties, the better. 

I've started using it once a week and can absolutely feel the difference in my hair quality. It's detangling super powers are super brilliant. Be gone my dry Wintery hair! Hello soft, smooth hair! 

Evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask $29.95

Disclosure:: This product was sent to me for review and editorial consideration. I considered it. Tried it. And loved it. I thought you might like it too! This is not a sponsored post. 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Of Haircuts and High Fives

In case you somehow missed it, I got a new hair cut.

Thank goodness for that.

I'd had the same hair for too long, and started to feel very middle-aged (not like a knight) and mumsy. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but for me, I was bored with my head.

Every time I think my hair starts to feel like Ross Noble's - I realise I need a cut.

Leonard at Desmond and Molly Jones basically gave me a make-over in 40 minutes and I am so stoked. 

For months I'd been thinking about having a fringe, but chickened out every time. And then I reconsidered because the beauty of hair is - it grows back.

I now feel like a dog that's just been washed. That's got to be good, right?! 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Way Cool Workshops:: Desmond & Molly Jones

Aye carumba. The cool cats at Desmond & Molly Jones have put together such an awesome menu of workshops I can't even begin to tell you.

Actually. I lie. I can tell you. I will tell you. Because they are SO FLIPPING COOL!

Leonard Newton, salon owner and all-round ace guy said: “It’s about sharing ideas and being a bigger part of the community we work and live in. Desmond & Molly Jones is more than simply a hair salon and by offering a unique variety of workshops we are opening our doors to people from all walks of life, keeping the local spirit alive.”

I love that philosophy of sharing - and making things accessible to more people. 

Well let's get to the punch line. 

DAD & DAUGHTER: Matt and I have this ongoing joke about Matt's repertoire of hairstyles for Tiny. A high  ponytail that looks like Bam Bam from The Flinstones. 

If your man is the same - this is THE perfect way to spend a Sunday morning with the little lady in your life. 

Coffees and cupcakes (no tantrums and tiaras) while you learn a range of techniques that will transform your daughter’s hair into princess locks of love. You’ll reach a whole new level of hero in her eyes! Hopefully this will mean the end of Tiny's massive dreadlocks, or brat's nest as my sister lovingly refers to it. 

In this session they're demonstrating braiding, ponytailing and elegant up do's that are simple and quick to do... perfect for the Dad with a little girl on the go. Book here

Other workshops? Heck they have so many goodies!! 

BRAIDY BUNCH              MONDAY 18TH NOVEMBER                  7PM – 9PM
In case you hadn't noticed, I love braiding my hair, and I learnt my one braid from YouTube. Hopefully this workshop will mean I can extend my repertoire AND socialise with real people. 

                                    SUNDAY 24TH NOVEMBER        10.30AM -MIDDAY
The princess of peonies Holly Hipwell will show you how to create your own floral crown with spring fresh flowers. Plus they'll send you home with a kit so you can keep on making your own.

CURL ME UP BABY         MONDAY 2ND DECEMBER                     7PM – 9PM 
Currently I curl my hair using a very untechnical method. Washing my hair before bed, going to bed with damp hair and hoping like crazy it curls up over night. It's been pretty successful to date, however I have a hunch this workshop will make me look less like I've had a big night out at Studio 54, and more like I've got a clue about the curl. 

All images by Luisa Brimble for Desmond & Molly Jones. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

In Preparation For Frocktober:: A Haircut with Desmond & Molly Jones

So I got my hair cut today! Cue loud cheers, dancing and a ticker tape parade. Maybe some pinatas too.

Amazing, considering I haven't had it cut since May. That's so crazy-town because I really, really love having my haircut. And washed. And blow-dried. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and sleep. 

I decided that before Frocktober starts, I had to get myself ready - and what better way than with a haircut.

Ages ago the good people of Desmond & Molly Jones invited me to their salon. I was never able to make it, months passed, and I decided it was time to get a chop. I loved the look of the salon, and they sounded like my kind of people, so I booked myself in with Kate for a cut, et voila! I feel like a new woman.

I am so glad I visited. Besides the deliciously beautiful name, it's a treasure trove of eye candy. Mirrored benches, rosettes adorning the walls, a gold pig, and people that make you feel as though you've been friends for years. I even got to take our new worms there (more on that later) much to everyone's amusement.

It is amazing how having a great hair day can put not only a bounce in your hair but a spring in your step. Kate not only gave me a great cut, but also some great tips on getting the world's biggest dreadlock (aka brat's nest) out of Tiny's hair (more on that later too), and my hair smells like my favourite Evo products. 

Desmond & Molly Jones
98 Albion Street
Surry Hills, NSW
P: 02 9281 2100 

Disclosure: I paid for the experience. I loved the experience. I wanted to share. I'd totally recommend a visit! 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hair Iss-ews

I need a haircut. Like a ker-azy. I figured this morning that I haven't had a haircut since December. 

These are dark times. This is the Autumn of discontent. And split ends. And snapping hair. And a general look of scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. 

I know. Wheel out the world's smallest violin. Bigger issues, yes. But help me out. 

I look in the mirror and realise I'm due for a trim when I see Ross Noble looking back at me.

I am loving Delta's snappy, swishy new chop.

Stick with Ross' tried and true, or change things up for Delta's chop? (except my hair is unruly and wavy)


Friday, 1 March 2013

Fight the Funk!:: 5 Easy Tips To Shake The Blues

Do you ever find yourself in a bit of a funk?

I do. I totally do. But I've got it down to a fine art to fight the funk. I know how to beat the blues and kick them to the kerb. I've put together 5 ideas to put a pep in your step and bring back the business of being happy!

1. Did you know 57% of women would choose awesome hair over gaining 10 IQ points? Weird huh? But the psychology stacks up. I was treated to a blow dry at the Blow Dry Bar last week and I'm living proof good hair can change the way you feel. Seriously. I went in feeling a bit flat stanley, had a chat, had my hair washed and coiffed, asked for fat curls, got fat curls - et voila, walked out feeling like a million bucks. And for just $40, it's a good treat that lasts a few days. When I'm next going on date night - I'm going to the Blow Dry Bar and getting my hair done. 

2. Wear colour. Over the last few years I've eradicated black from my wardrobe. I have very few black pieces because it washes me out and makes me feel a bit blue. I love pumping up the volume with colour. Whether it's a bright top, printed jeans, or some ace accessories, you can't feel down when your accessories are so up. And if you want to wear black - paint your nails. Do something fun. You can hardly be cranky when you've got these beauties on your nails

3. Meet up with some friends. Or even phone a friend. When I'm low, talking to someone can - a) distract me from whatever it is that's got me down, and b) remind me that I'm not alone. 

4. Music! I am a mad fan of cranking the tunes and doing some car karaoke or kitchen dancing. I especially love belting out the (out of) tunes with the smalls. I'm loving this and this (STILL stuck on this) for good moods ahoy. 

5. Do something for yourself. Go see a movie. Take yourself for a coffee. Go for a walk. Do something that gives you something - just for you. 

What are your best feel-good tips?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Grey Matters. Does It?

Pre-Christmas I had my my haircut. It was a red hot, dry, brittle mess and needed some TLC. I just had a wee trim and was joking with my hairdresser saying "If you find any grey hairs, tell me."

And then I expected her to say - "Oh Lexi, there's no grey hairs."

But alas, Kellie responded with "Oh yes I did just find one."

I was agog, I was aghast was my hair turning into an old lady's at last?

I almost fell out of my chair and asked her to show me this ruthless grey. She hunted around and found it. I asked her to pull it out. She declined. I told her to show me where it was - and I yanked that sucker out.

Just two weeks later, I asked my sister Sarah to check if I had any unruly greys. She found another.

This is Bad News Boulevarde.

And now this week? Two more of those crazy grey bastards. Assimilating with the rest of the brunettes as though they're meant to be there. 

What to do?

I'm having a quiet sad-on that they're out there, Mulder. I'm quietly going grey, and I hate it. I've studied why I hate it - because it's beyond my control. 

I know. I am Captain Ridiculous. With grey hairs. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Day 16:: Frocktober - I'm In The 'Hood And I Need A Snood

We are over half way people. Past the point of no return. I'm into Frocktober and there's no turning back. I'm very grateful that so many people have sponsored me so far. You are ace. 

If you're thinking about it (and it is tax deductible, and it does accept PayPal), you can go here. It's super duper easy and all funds go towards research into ovarian cancer. Currently there is no screening - and every  10 hours one Australian woman dies from it. 

Are you sick of seeing my frocks? Bored by my vintage goods and chattels? Only 15 days to go lovers!

Today I totes went feminine, and as Matt said, I reinvented myself with a very rustic 40s 'do that came to me after a discussion with Christina of Hair Romance fame, and Candice at Super Kawaii Mama. Thanks ladies for the tips. It was done while sitting in the traffic, sans tools, 5 bobby pins and with my hands. 

How you like me now?

Today's outfit:
- my sister's awesome vintage frock
- earrings - a gift from my lover
- Country Road sandals from last season

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What's Not To Love About A Quiff

Back in the day, when I wore a younger girl's shoe, I used to love making my hair really big. Like really, really big (not too dissimilar from the above images). I had a mantra and the mantra was this:

"The higher the hair, the closer to God."

It wasn't my mantra, I didn't craft it, instead, I stole it and lived and breathed it. I loved having massive hair. It was my thing. Just as Anna Wintour has a Lego style bob, I had massive hair. 

Sometimes my friends tried to flatten it down a bit, but I was devoted to that big hair, and if I had a few too many sherbets, it'd grow even bigger. I loved that big hair. In fact, maybe I'll bring it back.

It was with great delight that this week I received news of how to get the 'masculine quiff' from Vivienne Westwood's show - as created by Sam McKnight for Pantene. A little less big, a lot more rock 'n' roll.

Let's take a look shall we? And then this week I can have a go at recreating it. Since, like, my hair is so much longer than it's been for a while (don't tempt me Michelle Williams - no paparazzi shots please!). If you try this 'do - upload a pic to the PMM Facebook page so I can marvel at your coiffing prowess. 

Get the look – masculine quiff:

1. Always start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner provides the perfect base for this look.
2. Apply an ample amount of Pantene Pro-V Body Builder Mousse to damp or dry hair. Blow dry hair away from the face.
3. Clip away the top section of hair leaving hair in place each side from the arch of the eyebrow downwards.
4. Apply Pantene Pro-V Intensive Damage Repair Oil into the two side sections and using a fine toothcomb to smooth out the hair pull the two side sections together and secure at the back of the head.
5. Release the top section of hair and blow dry using your fingers to lift the roots and give you even more volume.
6. Remove hair elastic at back of the head (the sides should remain in place). Using the Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Leave in Crème as a styling aide, apply to the hair with your fingers and rake through to the ends to give a heavy textured effect.
7. Take the top section above the slick sides and twist into a pleat forcing a quiff at the top of the head.  Ensure the quiff is set in place adding Pantene Pro-V Stay Smooth Hairspray and pins as needed.

So I promise, I totes promise I will be back with the hair later this week and I will share my attempt with you. And if you do, share it on Facey

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Good News?

I have got to tell you something.

I was cynical when people talked about dry shampoo.

I had an internal dialogue that went like this:

Friend: 'Oh I used some dry shampoo.'

Me. In my head: 'Yuck. Just wash your head dude.'

And then I tried it. I tried Toni&Guy's Dry Shampoo. And I am converted.

I used it last week when I'd had my hair cut and blowdried by the hair dresser, and wanted to stretch that good just-been-to-the-hairdresser hair. You know that, right? I can not do my hair like they do it. Ever. So I extended that blow dry to five days. FIVE DAYS! I usually wash my hair every two days.

Dry shampoo for the win!

Plus, I think if you have thin hair - this adds volume.

Trust me, I am like a guinea pig for you. This is the shizz. And at just $15.99 - it's within reach - and available at your supermarket.

* This is not a sponsored post. Toni&Guy sent me the product to try. I tried it. I liked it. I wanted to share.

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Positivity Parade

I don't know about you, but more and more I see this quagmire of negativity and hate being rained down on people on Facebook. It's becoming an ugly place where people use it as a springboard to whinge and whine about what you didn't get. What happened to me? Poor me! Boo hoo!

Seriously. What happened to you to leave a trail of demoralising comments.

It's crippling.

Someone on the other end of the interwebz is receiving your negativity - and they have to deal with it. Negativity can be crippling.

Today I'm making it the International Day of the Positivity Parade. Let your good will shine! Let it shine! Leave a trail of positive comments on Facebook today! For friends. For companies. For everyone. I'm officially sick of the hate brigade.

There is more power in the Positivity Parade.

PS - Photo? Fab things for today: pink pens make me positively perky, stripey beauty bag - perfectly punchy, Donna Hay twine - because it's precisely peppy, and the photo is me posing at a Toni&Guy launch last night. More on that later because it's perfectly good news all 'round.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

YES! I Love Anne Hathaway's Hair.

She chopped it off for her role in Les Miserables, and I gotta say Anne Hathaway - I dig the hair. Short-choppy-croppy. I love how this new 'do seems to totally frame her beautiful face, her large doe eyes, aye carumba girl. I just love a gal who can embrace a short crop. It never fails to slay me. 

This new look for Anne - my oh my - I am googling like crazy to see more more more! It's a brave new world baby - I love it so. 

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow - I'm imagining running my hands through short hair. It just feels SO good. 


image via Just Jared 

Friday, 16 March 2012

And So It Is.

Clearly I must obsess over Alex Winston's hair, and the length of it.

My target?

To grow mine back to this length.

Believe it or not, it was this length, then I chopped it and looked like a North Shore mum. *GASP*
My MIL told me that, I promptly booked a hair appointment and had it all chopped off.

But Michelle Williams. Still tempted.

Come now. Hair grows back.

I remember sitting in the hairdresser's seat at 12, after saving up for yonks. It was below my shoulders and I told her to cut it all off. She asked if my Mum knew. I said no, but I was paying and it was my hair.

She cut it off into an awesome concave bob.

Hair fetish born.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Very Own Hair Challenge

Since my hair has grown - I know - tres excitemente! - I've been playing with styles. It's not just the standard up and down looks, I've branched out. I am so crazy!

Alas, I am not a talented hair-smith. I struggle with anything other than a messy coif. My fingers turn into toes and I just can't wrangle that hair into the look I desire.

But this. This look appeals to me. Looks messy. A little haphazard. A little dishevelled '60s retro-tastic excitement created by Pantene's global stylist ambassador, Sam McKnight for Moschino Cheap & Chic. Me likey.  

Apparently, the key to this look is "to build up the volume and then keep it in place with a lot of hairspray" said Sam.

Hairspray is my best friend because:
a) apparently lice don't like it, and since the Doctor started school, I am paranoid about lice
and most importantly b) I always think the bigger the hair, the closer to God - so I am all about big hair.
I'm issuing myself a challenge (because no one else is) to try and recreate this do - and come back with the results later this week. I just need that team of hair stylists in the top image to come over to my place and coif me silly. You can play along too if you feel like playing hairdressers with me.

Get the look: 1. The perfect base for this look is freshly washed and conditioned hair. Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner works well for a light finish as it nourishes the hair without adding weight.
1. For hair stressed by over styling (such as at Fashion Week), supplement your hair care regimen with a treatment mask such as Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Lightweight Nourishing Treatment (for fine hair) or Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle (for normal-thick hair).
2. Apply Pantene Pro-V Body Builder Mousse to damp hair and blow dry the hair back away from
the face with a flat bristle brush.
3. Backcomb the hair at the sides, back and top of the head with a fine toothed comb for maximum volume and big impact. Spray with Pantene Pro-V Body Builder Hairspray as you go to keep the volume and height in place. (leave a section of the hair free at the front of the head to frame the face)
4. Lightly brush back the top front section of hair over to the back of the head to create a smooth layer over the backcombed section.
5. Tie the smoothed hair at the nape of the neck into a ponytail and roll the pony tail up into a dishevelled bun, and fix in to place with hair pins. Spray with Pantene Pro-V Body Builder Hairspray to hold style in place and pick out wisps of hair for a carefree look.
6. For the Moschino Cheap & Chic look finish with a pastel bow detail headband placed in the middle of the head, in front of the volumised and lifted back section.

Monday, 7 November 2011

I Gots To Love This Hair

Michelle Williams regularly appears on my blog because I love her. I love her for her talent. I love the films she chooses. I love her style. I just gosh darn love the girl. And I really love her hair. Like my love for her hair knows no bounds. I really, really love Michelle Williams and her head of hair.

Once upon a time I had short hair like this. But I got mistaken for Adriana Xenides.

Well this hair on Michelle Williams, be still my beating waif heart.

Speaking of hair, you know how I love trying new beauty products. Well with the humidity that's been bewitching my hair and making me look like I've been rubbing a balloon on my head for two hours straight (I know you know that look), I've been trying Clinicare Frizz Defying Serum-Concentrate for a few weeks. I think it's the best one I've tried - and has tamed those crazy fly-aways. If you get the frizzies like me, and haven't yet braved the chop-chop like Michelle, get it. It's a collab with Pantene and Wella (and who doesn't want to be a Wella woman?) and so far, so good my friends. Balloon-hair be gone!

image from SMH 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

I Like It. But I Don't Want It.

Oooh I love Dakota Fanning's new 'do. And I like her fish-face too.

I love the pixie do. The Mia Farrow. The 'Breathless' Jean Seberg crop. The waif. Oh man, I do so love it.

But I've hit my stride. My hair's getting long. I'm liking it. I'm out of the woods. But Dakota's new 'do... Oh yes. I like it. But it doesn't mean I want it.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I want Janelle Monae's hair. And her style. I want to get her dance on. She's pretty cool and cute. Stylish and sassy. Me likey!

image via

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Oh Hello Darling

Camellias are in season. I love a pretty camellia. So many hues of pink. My Mum picked these for me.

I'm having my hair cut today.
It's bitterly cold.
I'd like to be in bed.
I want to bake a cake but am too cold to move from near the heater.

But the camellias are in season, and they're one of nature's prettiest creations.

Monday, 9 May 2011

At It Again: Comic Relief

Remember when Tiny cut her hair a few months ago? She decided on a Newtown assymmetrical 'do.

Yesterday, sometime in the morning, I walked out the front door, but not before noting the golden locks all over the floor. I scooped them up, told her not to do it again, and moved on.

Last night, she refused to go to bed. Kept popping out. And foolishly, I didn't think anything of it. Until she walked out with half-short, half-long hair. Some kind of country inspired mullet. She looked like she'd been bootscooting with the best of them.

This morning her new 'do has settled. And she looks kind of cool - The Sartorialist would like it. She's so hot right now.